Material and Sessions

Follow this link to access the seminar material

Session 1
January 9

Oliver R. Goodenough and Micaela Tucker, Law and Cognitive Neuroscience

P.M.S. Hacker, Talk for Neuroscientists

Dennis Patterson, Book review, Law, Mind and Brain, M. Freeman and O. Goodenough

Session 2
January 16

Interview with P.M.S. Hacker

Michael S Pardo and Dennis Patterson, Philosophical Foundations of Law and Neuroscience

Session 3
January 23

John Mikhail, Moral Grammar and Intuitive Jurisprudence – A Formal Model of Unconscious Moral and Legal Knowledge

Dennis Patterson, On the Conceptual and the Empirical: A Critique of John Mikhail’s Cognitivism

Session 4
January 30

Stephen Morse, New Neuroscience, Old Problems

Frederick Schauer, Can Bad Science Be Good Evidence? Neuroscience, Lie Detection and Beyond

Thomas Nagel, David Brooks’s Theory of Human Nature

Session 5

Michael S. Pardo and Dennis Patterson, Neuroscience, Normativity, and Retributivism

Joshua Greene and Jonathan Cohen, For the law, neuroscience changes nothing and everything

Session 6

Session 7
February 27

Key reading (listed in order of importance)

Nachev P, Hacker PMS. Covert cognition in the persistent vegetative state. Progress in neurobiology 2010; 91: 68-76.

Kahane G, Savulescu J. Brain damage and the moral significance of consciousness. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 2009; 34: 6-26.

Monti, M.M., Vanhaudenhuyse, A., Coleman, M.R., Boly, M., Pickard, J.D., Tshibanda, J-F.L., Owen, A.M., Laureys, S. Willful modulation of brain activity and communication in disorders of consciousness. New England Journal of Medicine 2010; 362: 579-589.

Skene L, Wilkinson D, Kahane G, Savulescu J. Neuroimaging and the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment from patient in vegetative state. Medical Law Review 2009; 17: 245-261.

Optional reading providing background information (listed in order of importance)

Racine E, Amaram R, Seidler M, Karczewska M, Illes J. Media coverage of the persistent vegetative state and end-of-life decision-making. Neurology 2008; 71: 1027- 1032. Available at

Giacino JT, Ashwal S, Childs N, Cranford R et al. The minimally conscious state: definition and diagnostic criteria. Neurology 2002;58:349–53. Available at

The Royal College of Physicians. The Vegetative State: guidance on diagnosis and management. Available at


Session 8
March 5
Michael S. Gazzaniga, Who’s in Charge? Free Will and the Science of the Brain

Craig M. Bennett and Michael B. Miller, How reliable are the results from functional magnetic resonance imaging?


Session 10

Jean Macchiaroli Eggen and Eric J. Laury, Toward a Neuroscience Model of Tort Law: How Functional Neuroimaging Will Transform Tort Doctrine


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